Neuro assessement

In Low and Middle income countries millions of children experience disabilities and fail to reach their cognitive and developmental potentials due to exposure to potentially dilapidating conditions.  

The neurodevelopmental research group in Kilifi is a multidisciplinary team that aims at understanding the neurocognitive and neuropsychiatric burden associated with various childhood diseases in the African context.
The group aims at developing strategies for identifying, monitoring and rehabilitating children who are at-risk of experiencing developmental delays and impairments.  Specifically we set out to:-
1.    Quantify the burden of Mental Illness and Neurological disorders among children.
2.    Develop culturally appropriate approaches for monitoring childhood outcomes.
3.    Identify culturally appropriate intervention strategies for at-risk children in SSA.
4.    Reduce the treatment gap in Epilepsy and other Mental Health conditions

In terms of neurocognitive assessments we use a multimethod approach to assessment including traditional paper and pencil neurocognitive testing, neurophysiological tests- ERPs and EEGs.



Autism disorder      Impact of communicable and non-communicable diseases