Impact of communicable and non-communicable diseases

The Neurodevelopmental research group conducts studies in neurological and psychiatric disorders, and cognitive consequences of brain insults. We investigate the burden, causes and consequences of neurological conditions, mainly in children living in Kilifi, but also other ages elsewhere in East Africa.

Children with neurological conditions are assessed, either on admission to hospital, following discharge from hospital or during surveys in the community. Clinical patho-physiology studies are conducted on children admitted with acute seizures, malaria, bacterial meningitis and neonatal conditions such as sepsis, jaundice and tetanus.

Outpatients with HIV infection and epilepsy are studied.  Further studies on the genetic susceptibility and immunological basis of these conditions are being conducted. The neuro-cognitive consequences of these conditions are assessed by cultural appropriate psychological assessment and event related potentials. The follow up of cohorts of children with these conditions and epidemiological surveys allow us to assess the burden of neurological conditions in this community.

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