There is a general lack of appropriate assessment tools for evaluating health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. To fill this gap, we are involved in the development of culturally appropriate and contextually relevant measures of childhood outcomes. We have also developed a culturally-appropriate protocol of event-related potentials methodology. Combining traditional paper and pencil approaches with neurophysiological measures provides a robust approach to evaluating the neurocognitive burden of childhood diseases.

We carry out most of our assessments in special rooms at the Neuroassesment centre where we have Sound proof rooms.  However, since most of measures have been designed to be contextually relevant they can also be used out in the villages without compromising the quality of the assessment.

Our work is backed up by a team of trained assessors with many years of experience.  Over the last 20 years the neurodevelopmental team members (past and present) have developed and adapted several measures of childhood outcome relevant for children of varying age (1 month to 17 years).  We are happy to share our experiences, materials, manuals and training schedules.  If you are interested please Login on the link in the first page and send us your request.

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